Welcome to the Neuledge documentation!

Neuledge is a powerful tool that improves data integrity and simplifies business logic interfaces, helping to enforce business rules and ensure consistent data usage. With Neuledge, developers can easily access and manipulate data, while ensuring that all data is accurate and reliable.


Neuledge Engine


Some of the key features of Neuledge include:

  1. Improved data integrity: Neuledge ensures that all data is accurate and consistent, helping to prevent errors and inconsistencies.
  2. Simplified business logic interfaces: Neuledge makes it easy for developers to access and manipulate data, reducing the complexity of working with large data sets.
  3. Enforced business rules: Neuledge helps to ensure that data is used correctly and that business rules are followed, helping to prevent errors and improve efficiency.

In the next sections you will find all the necessary information to get started, including installation, configuration and usage instructions, as well as examples and troubleshooting tips.

Thank you for choosing Neuledge and happy coding!