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A New Way of Communication

Neuledge is an unlabeled directed graph, where each node (a vertex) represents a single thought in the brain. In a similar way we recall things in our brain, each connection between the nodes, represent a directed association between the source-node and the associated-node.


Words, numbers and even pictures can be stored and used in the graph as well. Complex ideas and sentences are represented by breaking the concept into small pieces and assemble a hierarchy between them.

Multilingual Language

An open and accessible way to store data and knowledge, which everyone can understand, access and add new data to it with a multilingual language.

AI Friendly

Machines and artificial-intelligence algorithms can easily use and search the database. Allowing better understanding of the human world.

Blockchain Protected

A peer-to-peer platform backed by a cryptocurrency blockchain to validate and prioritize data in the database. All the transactions are feeless and scalable.

Universal Database

Universal Database

Every post and every sentence can be indexed and stored in the knowledge-base. Automated bots will scan the Internet and add new records to the graph. A customized search engines will translate native languages to graph-queries and show real results from the graph database. Everyone in the world will have the same access to all the knowledge. Free and Forever.

Data as an Asset

Each node in the graph has a value. As a content creator, you can become a shareholder of each node and earn returns if a node becomes valuable. Investments in the graph supports the previous nodes and raise their value. The more people use your content, the more valuable your nodes will be.


  • Jan, 2018
    • Company foundation
  • Apr, 2018
    • White paper release
    • Neuledge.com Launch
  • Sep, 2018
    • Proof-of-Concept
    • Initial data structure
  • Dec, 2018
    • Seed investment
    • Build up a team
  • Apr, 2019
    • First version release
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