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Introducing: The Lightning Search

Neuledge can understand, store and rank each individual word in your data. It's built a custom knowledge-base that knows when a given sentence is the most relevant to your search query and will display it first when you search for it.

Lightning Search

The search experience is completely different. Instead of searching for articles or pages, search for the most relevant sentences and get the answer straight from the returned results.

Easy to Install

Install in seconds. Scan your website automatically without any setup or preparations.

AI-Powered NLP

Natural language processing using state-of-the-art parsers, deep-learning and statistical analysis.


Can serve as a new source of trust where everyone can agree on the most accurate piece of information.

Universal Database

Share your Knowledge

Using Neuledge on your data creates a personalized knowledge-base for your users that will make them come back to your website for further searches in the future.

Enhance Your Website

We supply a Lightning Search Plugin for your website. After a simple installation, we will start indexing your website and display for your users' results in your pages for their queries.

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