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A Machine-First Knowledge Base

Our mind is the most advanced neural-network on the plant, yet we use an ambiguous and slow method called language to transfer and share our knowledge.


We believe neural-networks have the ability to store knowledge in a much more simple and meaningful way. It's time to convert our data to a machine-first structure that machines, as well as humans, can use and alter.

Deep Meaning

Store information on the most deep level. Equal meaning will have same representations.

AI-Powered NLP

Natural language processing using state-of-the-art parsers, deep-learning and statistical analysis.


Can serve as a new source of trust where everyone can agree on the most accurate piece of information.

Universal Database

Universal Database

Using Neuledge on your data creates a personalized knowledge-base that can easily compared and shared with other data sources worldwide.

The Real Meaning

Our focus is to compress and extract only the real meaning from data, so everyone can use it easily via machines or by hand.

Our Research

  • Fab, 2018
    • Company foundation
    • NLP Researching
  • Jan, 2019
  • Apr, 2019
    • Click-Stream research
    • Converting Lightning-Search to Hyperef
  • Jan, 2020
    • Open-source data language
    • Functional code-base construction
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