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Reach Better Decisions

Neuledge creates new data funnels for your organization by giving your clients and business partners easy access to all the data they need.

Every data point is carefully tracked and monitored, enabling you to receive notice of any change made and to respond quickly if needed.

Easy Data Access

Neuledge makes sure everyone has access to your data in the exact format they need. Build precise schemas using a simple user interface and transform them into hundreds of other formats in a few clicks.

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Universal Database

Collaborative Database

Share your datasets with read-only access or give others permission to manipulate and change any portion of your data.

Whenever a change occurs in one of the datasets you shared, you can automatically propagate it into other datasets, so you will always stay in sync.

Draw on Multiple Sources

Collect knowledge from multiple sources and store it easily as structured entities. You can easily build programmable endpoints for your team, or export the data in any way you need.


  • Feb, 2018
    • Company founding
  • May, 2018
    • Platform development
  • Jan, 2020
    • Early access
  • Dec, 2020
    • Public beta
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